Gale Credit Union History

Gale Credit Union was chartered in 1947 to serve employees of Gale Products, a division of OutBoard Marine Corporation. The credit union served only Gale (OMC) employees and employee families until 1983. In 1983, Gale Credit Union merged with the Knox County, City of Galesburg Credit Union, retaining the Gale Credit Union name. In 1984, the credit union moved from an office inside of the Gale Products plant to 631 North Henderson St, Galesburg. Three more Credit Unions joined Gale Credit Union; KMD Credit Union, Beatrice Credit Union, and Galesburg Register Mail Credit Union. In October 1998 the credit union built our new building at the 631 North Henderson location. In January 2005, Galesburg Postal Credit Union merged with the Gale Credit Union. At present, Gale Credit Union has over 50 area employee groups.

Gale Credit Union offers the eligible members of this area complete financial services to meet your savings, lending, service, and electronic financial needs.

Gale Credit Union was established to provide low cost financial services to its members. As a non-profit organization owned and operated by its members, we offer low interest rates on all types of loans and great interest rates on savings and checking accounts, along with other savings plans. All accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration, a US government agency.

Friendly, personal service is another outstanding feature of Gale Credit Union. You will never feel like just an account number to this Credit Union. Members are always assisted courteously and efficiently. The directors and officers of Gale Credit Union are committed to giving their members the best personal and financial services possible. You are invited to get in touch with Gale Credit Union for information on becoming a member and enjoy all the advantages a Credit Union can offer. You will find Gale Credit Union to be a reliable financial institution here to serve you.

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