Share Savings Secured Loans

Are you looking for the lowest cost loan around?  Secure your loan with a Gale Credit Union Share Savings or Certificate of Deposit Account Pledge and save money for your lending needs.

A Gale Credit Union Share Savings Secured Loan has many advantages, including:

  • All loan decisions are made locally by our Loan Officers
  • Fast loan decisions typically within minutes
  • Loans up to 100% of the value of the pledged account
  • Secured funds are freed up as the loan pays down
  • Fixed interest rates based on term only
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No Application or Documentation Fees
  • Flexible loan terms allow for payments that fit your budget
  • Payroll deduction for employees of qualified member businesses
  • Automatic Transfer payments from your Gale Share or Checking Account
  • Third party owners of the Share Savings can pledge the account for you.
  • Refinance Loans - Move your loan from your current lender to Gale Credit Union and save!
Call or visit our Loan Officers today to start saving money with a Gale Credit Union share secured loan!
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