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Membership Eligibility

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Membership Eligibility

You are more than a Member, you are part Owner!

Gale Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization that exists to serve our Members - who are the owners of the credit union. Like other financial institutions, Gale Credit Union accepts deposits, makes loans and provides a wide array of financial services to meet the needs of our Members.  Since our Members are our owners, we make decisions to serve you and we give back to our Members in the form of much lower loan rates, higher dividends on deposit accounts, and much lower and fewer fees.  Once a Member, always a Member.  We capitalize the "M" in Members because you are that important to us.

Membership is open to all who qualify under the following:

County where you Live or WorkCounties

  • Those who live or work in Illinois Counties including:
  • Knox County
    • Warren County
    • Henderson County
    • Mercer County
    • Henry County
    • Stark County
  • Just open and maintain a Membership Share Savings Account with a minimum of $5.00 at all times

Business where you work or retired:

  • Employees or retirees of our previous Member Business Groups
  • Just open and maintain a Membership Share Savings Account with a minimum of $5.00 at all times

Family who are Members:

  • Those who have immediate family who are existing Members, and
  • Just open and maintain a Membership Share Savings Account with a minimum of $5.00 at all times

Organizations, Associations, Trusts, & Businesses (Entity):

  • Those where the primary owners, officers, trustees, beneficiaries, etc qualify for individual membership as stated above, and
  • the entity opens and maintains a Membership Share Savings Account with a minimum of $5.00 at all times

Over the years, the Gale Credit Union Member Business Groups have continued to grow as other area credit unions merged into Gale Credit Union.  Today, we still honor those Member business groups as vital Members of our credit union.  Our current Member business groups as stated in our Bylaws include:

Member Business Groups Served:

"OMC Galesburg; Gale Credit Union; OMC Parts and Accessories; the City of Galesburg; Galesburg Sanitary District; Knox County and any Township in Knox County; Kisler Brothers Inc. d/b/a/ Hi-Lo Groceteria #1; Hi-Lo Groceteria #3 (Abingdon); Galesburg Board of Realtors, Inc. doing business in counties of Knox, Henderson, and Warren; Galesburg Terrace; Western Illinois Enterprises dba Hansen Lumber Company; American Red Cross, Knox County Chapter; WAIK/WLSR Radio Stations; Beck Oil Company; JB & D Siding & Windows Company; Tri-Lutions; Knox County Housing Authority; NAEIR; Radke Furniture Company; IMI Cornelius Equipco, Inc & Maple City Remanufacturing Corp; Orkin Pest Control; Serrott International; Purchase Trucking; Inter Community Cancer of Western Illinois; J. Brodie Meat Products, Inc.; Fifthwheels Plus, Inc.; Office Specialists, Inc.; Farmland Foods, Inc.; The Children's Clinic, LTD.; Thomas Plumbing & Heating Company; Swedough Donut Shop Galesburg, IL; Holm Industries, Inc.; Kleine Ag Services; Cottonwood Health Care Center; Schisler Heating & Cooling, Abingdon, IL; LaMoine Christian Nursing Home, Roseville, IL; Galesburg, IL; the Galesburg Printing and Publishing Company (The Register-Mail); Radio Station WGIL/WAAG; Galva/Rova Weeklies; Beatrice Foods Company at Galesburg, Moline and Kewanee, IL; Soangetaha Country Club; Danner’s Fremont House; the Galesburg, IL Post Office, and the Satellite Post Office serviced by the Galesburg Section center (614); the former Galesburg Postal Credit Union; the Social Security Administration and Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (Galesburg); KCCDD, Inc., Galesburg, IL; or Bates Collision Center, Galesburg, IL"

If you would like to become a Member of Gale Credit Union and you fit into one of these eligibility requirements, stop in today to join Gale Credit Union.