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Mortgage Loan

The Right Choice for Your Mortgage Loan!

Your Gale Credit Union Mortgage Loan Features Include:

  • New Loan Purchases or Refinance of Existing Home
  • Fixed Rate and Great Deal Adjustable Rates
  • Low Down Payment Options
  • Low Closing Costs
  • Make Your Payments at Gale Credit Union
  • Extremely Fast Pre-qualifications
  • Fast and Responsive Application to Closing
  • A Team of Experts Working for You!
  • FHA / VA / USDA Loan Programs
  • Agency or Portfolio Loan Options
  • Apply today using our Mortgage Loan Application links below

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  • Note: Actual rates are determined upon application and underwriting.

Mortgage Loan Application (Note: Complete each section as it applies below)

  1. Mortgage Loan Application - required for all applicants.
  2. Additional Borrower - required for each additional co-borrower
  3. Unmarried Addendum  -  for two or more borrowers who are unmarried
  4. Continuation Addendum  -  for additional information

Make your home-ownership dream come true while supporting your local credit union!

Gale Credit Union partners with Servion Mortgage to provide you with a leading team of experts for the best deal!