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Student Loans

In an effort to provide better options for our Members, Gale Credit Union has partnered with ISL Education Lending to provide you with a Student Loan Option.  ISL Education Loans are fast and easy to apply for and offers much better rates than the "big name" private student loan lenders.  Whether you are needing a new loan to start the semester or would like to refinance your existing high rate student loans, Gale Credit Union and ISL Education Lending can assist you.

A Gale Credit Union / ISL Education Student Loan has many advantages, including:

  • Student, Parent, and Refinance Loans
  • Much lower interest rates than other lenders!
  • Easy online applications
  • No origination fees, No prepayment or late fees
  • Fast loan decisions!
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible loan terms allow for payments that fit your budget
  • Deferred payments, Interest only payments, or Amortized payments now
  • ACH Automatic Payments from your Gale Credit Union Account
  • Apply today and enjoy the savings!

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